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Amazing Health Benefits of Avarampoo ~ Senna Auriculata or Cassia Auriculata ~ Tanner’s Cassia

ASUCRE AVARAMPOO ~ SENNA AURICULATA Or CASSIA AURICULATA ~ TANNER’S CASSIA  Are you aware of Avarampoo (Avaram Senna) and its overall health benefits?? It’s an herb that has the ability to treat diabetes. Avarampoo, Cassia Auriculata or Senna Auriculata or tanners cassia is a legume tree which yields bright yellow flowers. As the flowers grow in beautiful bunches it is used for landscaping home gardens and roadways. Apart from the beauty the flowers provide a number of health benefits. Parts of the plant, leaf, flower, bark, seed root and gum are used in different branches of Indian medicine. The flowers alone provide many health benefits. There is an old saying that the flowers of senna auriculata are life savers emphasize the usefulness of the flower. Aavaram Poo also called Avarampoo in Tamil is a very popular shrub here in Tamil Nadu. It has amazing health benefits, medicinal uses, and skin and hair care benefits. Besides, treating diabetes, it has various other properties

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